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From Easter 2020 we are introducing a new


Care at home service.


We have been receiving increasing numbers of requests from clients for routine examinations and treatment of their pets in their own home. This is for many reasons including transport difficulties and pets who become anxious in the surgery environment.

We have listened and plan to purchase and equip a vehicle for the purpose. Exciting times.

Ribble Vets on the Road

A vet and a nursing assistant will be available for house calls for routine examinations, medication checks, vaccinations and end of life care.

The home care service is not suitable for all cases. Pets requiring urgent treatment and further investigations are always best seen at our Penwortham Hospital where we have access to specialised equipment and staff.

The home care service will initially be available Monday 1-4pm, Tuesday 12-3pm and Wednesday 1-4pm with a discount on the house call fee during these periods.

The service can be requested at other times from Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm at the full price.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate house calls in the evening or at the weekend.

We also plan to introduce a pet transport service for routine surgical cases from our Wesham surgery on a Tuesday. Our Wesham practice is the greatest distance from our main Penwortham Hospital and clients who don’t drive can find this journey difficult. Pets coming in for routine procedures would be examined by the vet at the end of Wesham morning surgery on a Tuesday morning. They could then be taken back to the Penwortham Hospital for their operation and then be returned to the Wesham surgery that evening. A discharge appointment would be booked prior to that evening’s consultations.

What does it cost?

The cost for the home care service is a house call fee (depending on the area) plus the normal consultation, procedure and medication fee that would have been charged at the surgery.

  • House Call Fee Group
    Area Covered
    Standard House Call Fee
    Discount Fee
  • One
    Penwortham, Hutton, Longton, Walmer Bridge, Hoole
  • Two
    Ashton, Avenham, Ribbleton, Bretherton
  • Three
    Tarleton, Croston, Wesham, Leyland

The cost of the Wesham pet transport service would be £20 per animal.

Our care at home service is a new venture for the practice so visit our website and Facebook page for further developments.