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If you are currently raising a puppy, they need to be exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and places. With the much quieter current life style going on at the moment, we at Ribble Vets wanted to give you a helping hand keeping your puppies entertained, trained and socialised. We also offer Confidence Clinics to help your pup get used to coming to the practice, these clinics consist of weekly visits for you and your pup. If you are interested in attending Confidence Clinics please contact the practice when normal life resumes.

We understand that unvaccinated puppies still need be exposed to the outside world other than your garden. This can be achieved by carrying your puppy either in your arms or in a secure bag, remember for their wellbeing they should not go on the floor.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Introducing a puppy to your home

Some helpful tips on how to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Toilet training

All the do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Puppy Socialisation

See how many you can achieve whilst safely carrying your pup and social distancing.

Stress signals

All the do’s and don’ts you need to know.


Great ideas to help entertain your pup. Remember to always start with easy options so you set your pup up for success and limit frustration

Leaving home alone

it is lovely that everyone is home and bonding with the new addition. All the do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Get the Latest Puppy Training Tips

We will be posting new ideas and games every few days to help keep boredom at bay!