Emergency Vet Contact: 01772 746393 Available 24 hours a day

Dear Clients,

We hope you and your families continue to be well during these very difficult times.

As the lockdown period looks set to continue, our governing bodies (RCVS and BVA) have met to discuss the best approach to maintaining animal health over an extended period whilst not compromising human safety. They have been very clear in that the priority must always be the safety of yourselves and our staff. As such the closed-door policy at the surgery will be ongoing.

We will continue to provide remote consultations by telephone and now also via a video link. These appointments can be booked by telephoning the Penwortham surgery on 01772 746393.

We will of course be available for emergency appointments. In this situation we would ask you to telephone the surgery from the carpark when you arrive, and a member of staff will collect your pet from the carpark and take them into the surgery. Unfortunately for human safety reasons you will not be able to accompany your pet into the surgery.

The BVA and RCVS have looked at conditions and procedures which whilst not emergencies would have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of animals over this extended period. The most significant of these in our opinion is the primary vaccinations of puppies and kittens. These animals are naïve and as such have limited immunity against disease. Whilst they can be restricted safely to the home and enclosed garden this is not practical if the lockdown extends over a period of months. Taking this into consideration we have decided from Tuesday 14th April we will start to resume primary vaccinations in a manner which respects social distancing and doesn’t compromise human health.  We will also be able to vaccinate rabbits, as they are at increased risk of contracting life-threatening diseases during the Spring/Summer months.

If your puppy, kitten or rabbit requires a vaccination we would ask you to email the surgery at reception@ribblevets.co.uk a member of the reception staff can then contact you to book the appointment. We would ask you to telephone the surgery from the carpark when you arrive. A member of staff will bring a basket for you to place the puppy into (kittens should be brought in their own baskets). Your pet will then be taken into the surgery to have a health check performed by one of our veterinary surgeons and if clinically well a vaccination will be administered. Unfortunately, you will not be able to accompany your pet into the surgery.

We will continue to be available for the dispensing of medication. We would ask you to order your prescription as normal by telephoning the Penwortham surgery. The medication would be available for collection 48 hours later for collection between the hours 10-11am and 4-5pm Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays) and 10-11am on Saturday mornings. On arrival at the surgery please ring reception from the carpark and a member of staff will bring the medication out to you.

We appreciate that these additional procedures are time consuming and are occasionally frustrating. We will continue to offer support for the animals under our care, but we will not put you or our staff at any unnecessary risk.

Our thoughts are with you all

The Ribble Vets Team