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D ear Clients

We hope you have all stayed well during these last few weeks. Thank you for working with us during these difficult times so that we could continue to provide healthcare for your pets, whilst minimising the risk to yourself and our staff.

Now there is a glimmer of light at the end of the lockdown-tunnel what happens next?

Following the advice from the BVA and RCVS we have progressed from just providing emergency and urgent treatment to now being able to administer treatment which is essential for maintaining animal health and which could be detrimental if not undertaken within the next 2 months.

So, the scope of the services we can provide has increased. We can now perform routine annual vaccinations (kennel cough and microchipping can be done at the same time as the vaccinations but as they are not essential for animal welfare can’t be the primary reason for an appointment).

We initially prioritised puppies and kittens, animals receiving their first annual boosters and those who had overrun their boosters by 3 months. All these animals would have a reduction in their immunity status and may need additional doses of vaccine. We have put on extra vaccination only appointments and have instituted a vaccination amnesty for any doses of vaccine required in addition to the routine booster or primary course. These measures will increase these animals’immunity against the core diseases as quickly as possible and the client will only pay for the normal vaccination course or booster and not any additional doses needed.

We can start to take appointments for animals due their boosters now.

As the restrictions relaxed, we started to perform neutering for both cats and rabbits. Thefertility of both of these species has a seasonal component which has welfare considerations. We have also performed dental procedures on animals with sore mouths and some neutering of dogs due to medical conditions (e.g. a uterine infection). We can now consider neutering of dogs due to environmental or behavioural reasons (e.g. households with dogs of different sexes living together). We cannot yet perform cosmetic dental procedures or neutering of dogs in single animal households.

AND NOW FOR THE BUT!  In accordance with government advice and the risk assessments issued for guidance, social distancing is even MORE important as the restrictions are relaxed. We are still not able to allow clients into the building; appointments will take longer due to the measures in place and we are continuing to work as smaller teams in the practice in orderto enable social distancing. This means that we will not have as many appointments available for consultations or operations as we would under normal circumstances. An appointment may not always be available on your preferred day or at the time you would like.

Emergencies are different. Our reception staff are well trained in triaging cases and we will always see a genuine emergency as soon as possible.

We will continue to provide remote consultations by telephone or video link for suitable cases.

In order for the dispensary to run smoothly we are asking to allow 48 hours for a prescription request to be completed. Medication collection times will be 10-11am Monday-Saturday and 4-5pm Monday-Friday. We can still deliver medication for clients who are in self isolation.

So, in short, we can:

  • See sick animals
  • Perform emergency surgery
  • Perform neutering on cats, rabbits
  • Neuter dogs from multipet households or for medical reasons
  • Perform surgery on conditions which may progress (lump removals, x-rays)
  • Perform core vaccinations

We cannot:

  • Do non-essential vaccinations (kennel cough) or microchipping alone
  • Do routine nurse clinics
  • Perform cosmetic dental scaling
  • Perform routine neutering of dogs from single animal households


In order for us to continue to provide treatment for animals under our care we do need your help.

Please could you:

  • Continue to respect social distancing
  • Telephone reception when you arrive for your appointment or to collect medication. We will try to answer your call as soon as possible but the lines are very busy.
  • Allow more time for an appointment
  • Have your mobile phone and debit card available. The vet will need to speak to you on the phone after examining your pet and reception can then take payment over the phone.
  • Allow 48 hours for repeat medication requests and collect them between 10-11am Monday-Saturday or 4-5pm Monday-Friday.


We are very grateful for allyour support during these interesting times. We have had some lovely messages and cards. So, thank you again for being so patient.

We’ll see you in the carpark soon


Take care,

All the staff at Ribble Vets


PS Following the latest Government announcement regarding the reopening of shops we are planning to open our surgeries at Wesham and Leyland from mid-June. We are looking at how to perform routine appointments and the collection of medication at the branches safely following the covid guidance. This will involve restricted opening times and different procedures. Please keep checking our website for further details.