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Dear Clients

Thank you for all your support during the challenging last 15 months. It’s thanks to you and our dedicated staff that we have been able to continue to provide a high level of care for our patients throughout this time, even during the most restrictive lockdown periods. We have also been able to help some other smaller practices when they could only open reduced hours.

The end of the rainbow is hopefully in sight but we’re not there yet.

As a very busy practice, often with 5 vets and nurses consulting at the same time, we have to plan carefully how we can abide by the social distancing rules. We have quite a young team many of whom are as yet unvaccinated. So far, due to careful measures we have been fortunate in avoiding any transmission of the Covid virus within the practice. However, as you will be aware the risk has not gone away. The largest further education college in the area had an outbreak of the Indian variant over the last few weeks. They had to close and teach all their students remotely. It is a very strange time when we can go out for a meal but not attend college or have a face to face appointment with the doctor.

In order to minimise the number of people in the communal areas of the practice (reception, the waiting room and outside dispensary) we will continue to ask clients arriving for routine appointments to remain in the carpark. The vet will come outside to discuss the case and collect your pet. After the examination they will return the animal and any medication to you in the car. We would still ask you to pay over the telephone.

We do however realise that some appointments over these last few months have been particularly difficult especially those at the end of a much loved pet’s life. We feel that this is such an emotional time that we must try and make this as personal as possible. We can now allow up to two family members to accompany their pet into the bereavement room at the practice. We can also allow one person to accompany their pet arriving for a hydrotherapy appointment as their active participation in the physiotherapy process is important for that animal’s recovery. We would respectfully ask you to wear face masks on these occasions.

We understand that not being able to attend your pets appointment can be at times frustrating, but our aim is as always to keep you safe, keep our staff safe and provide the best possible care we can for the animals we look after.

Thank you again for all your support and we all look forward to the time when we can meet again without restrictions.

The Ribble Vets Team