Emergency Vet Contact: 01772 746393 Available 24 hours a day

Dear Clients,

Please help us to keep you and our staff safe during the coronavirus crisis.

We want to continue to provide emergency and urgent treatment for animals under our care but we must not compromise human health.

How can you help?


Is your journey essential?

We are offering telephone and video appointments to try to minimise face to face consultations. These are booked by telephoning the normal Penwortham surgery on 01772 746393

Are you safe to travel?

Please tell reception when booking the appointment if you are in the high risk category, or if you or any member of your household has a cough, chest infection or has a raised temperature. We have policies in place in these situations which would allow us to provide essential emergency treatment for your pet, and would avoid putting either you or our staff at risk.

Respect our closed door policy.

At present only staff are allowed in the building. If your pet requires urgent attention we would ask you to telephone the surgery on arrival and a vet or a nurse will collect your animal from the carpark. Please respect social distancing when transferring the pet (e.g. having the dog on a lead in the car boot or placing a cat in its basket outside the car for the vet or nurse to collect).

After the appointment please telephone the surgery number and pay by card over the telephone while you are waiting for any medication to be dispensed and your pet to be returned to the car.

Follow our revised ordering of medication procedures.

Please allow 48 hours for the dispensing of any medications. Collect the prescription between the hours of 10-11am Monday to Saturday or 4-5pm Monday to Friday. Telephone the surgery on arrival and pay over the telephone. A member of staff will then bring your medication and any receipts to the car.

Please be patient.

We are receiving an increased number of telephone calls at present and the additional procedures put in place to enable us to continue to care for your pets safely are time consuming. We are all looking forward to the day when life returns to normal.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding

The Ribble Vets Team