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Pet Care Plans

The easy way to care for your pet in simple monthly instalments.

Our Pet Care Plan allows you to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the year. It covers your pet for all of their basic health care needs, including preventative treatments and expert advice, giving you complete peace of mind.

The Pet Care Plan provides regular free veterinary health checks as well as 10% off routine consultations. We’ll give advice, support and treatment planning to help prevent problems arising with your pet in the future. The cost of maintaining the general health of your pet is then divided throughout the year into convenient monthly Direct Debit payments.

All packages include

  • 10% off neutering,
  • Royal Canin food,
  • K-laser,
  • Dental procedures &consultations.
  • Free microchipping if required.

Cat Care Plan

Our Care Plan for cats includes our most comprehensive feline vaccination, as well as 12 months protection against fleas, ticks lice and all intestinal worms.

£11.30 per month

Rabbit Care Plan

Includes a dual vaccine to keep your rabbit protected against myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease. We also include Rearguard for twice yearly application to prevent flystrike, 


£11 per month

Small Dog Care Plan

Includes the kennel cough vaccine as well as the annual booster vaccine. To fit your dog’s lifestyle.

(up to 10kg as an adult)


£13.50 per month

Medium Dog Care Plan

(10- 25kg as an adult)

£14.50 per month

Large Dog Care Plan

(25- 40kg as an adult)

£16.50 per month

Giant Dog Care Plan

(Over 40kg as an adult)

£23 per month

 Pet Care Plan FAQS

What is the difference between the Pet Care Plan and pet insurance?

The Pet Care Plan is designed to provide the preventative healthcare your pet needs throughout the course of the year, such as vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and regular healthchecks. Insurance provides cover for unexpected accident or illness. Therefore, the Pet Care Plan is not an insurance policy, and we would still recommend you look into taking out separate pet insurance cover.

If you would like more information regarding pet insurance please speak to a member of our reception team

How is payment made?
The Pet Care Plan provides you with 12 months of essential preventative healthcare for your pet, after which the plan renews automatically unless you advise otherwise. There is a 7 day cooling off period after you join, however after this time you will need to honour your direct debit arrangement for 12 months.
How do I join?
Just ask at Reception for a form – we’ll need your bank account number and sort code and you’ll pay for your first monthly payment on the day.
Please make sure you read the full Terms

*Routine consultations are at open surgery or appointment at Penwortham, Longton or Wesham and at our standard consulting times; please see the opening times on this website for the correct times. Emergency and out of hours consultations will not be discounted.
**If you sign up from the 20th to the end of the month, 2 payments will be taken from your account on the first occasion. However, you will still receive the plan benefits for the full 12 months, and you will not pay any extra overall.

Please make sure you read the full Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the Pet Care Plan Direct Debit agreement.

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