Addressing Residents' Concerns

Residents local to our new site have understandably had some concerns about our plans.

We know that some of the concerns centre around the "external recovery area". We recognise that this phrase has the potential to cause some misunderstanding, so we thought it might be helpful if we clarified its meaning and the intended use of the area.

Pets admitted at our practice for surgical procedures or in-patient care have a dedicated nurse looking after them as they recover. Part of this care involves taking them outside to toilet and for a small amount of exercise. The dog is always on a lead, fully supervised by a nurse, and only one dog is taken out at a time. Animals are never left unattended.

This is the system we have in place at our New Lane premises. We always keep this area clean of waste, and this has not created a negative impact on our neighbouring properties in terms of noise or waste. We are therefore confident that continuing this level of care at our new site will not inconvenience our new neighbours in any way.

This has been supported by South Ribble Borough Council's approval of our plans, where they stated:

"Concern has been raised by objectors relating to the potential for animal noise / disturbance resulting from the use of the external recovery area at the rear of the proposed building. Within the submitted Noise Assessment it is confirmed that the 5m x 4m external recovery area would be used by one supervised dog at a time and only during business hours. As such the impact is considered to be no greater than what can be expected in a residential area where a property has a dog/s as pets. The practice work method statement confirms that the external recovery area is only to be used by ambulant dogs prior to or after treatment. Boisterous dogs will not be allowed to utilise this area. Environmental Health have assessed the submitted Noise Assessment and have raised no objections to the proposal, recommending conditions relating to the installation of 19m long stretch of acoustic fencing along the rear element of the western boundary with 84 Liverpool Road, restrictions on the hours of use of the external recovery area and agreement of waste storage and management systems."

The full report can be accessed here:

We hope to continue to update our website as work on the new building progresses, but in the meantime if you have any concerns you are welcome to email Nicky Birch, our Head Nurse/Practice Manager