Our new practice - site of the former police station


We are very excited to share our plans for our new practice, to be built on the site of the former police station in Penwortham. This will give us the opportunity to provide advanced healthcare for pets of our area.

The police station was built in 1930 and played an important role in the community until services were scaled back in 2010, leading to the station being sold to us in September 2013. The building had been vacant for some time, and was showing signs of obvious neglect.

A room in one of the houses, with water pooling on the floor

The reception area in a very clear state of disrepair

The crumbling interior is perhaps not as evident from the outside

We explored ways of preserving as much of the original building as possible. The layout of the building does not lend itself to adaptable use, and the cells, narrow corridors and small rooms could not be successfully incorporated into a busy, modern veterinary hospital.

Narrow corridors would make access very difficult for staff and patients

One of the police station's cells, measuring just 2m x 2m

Signs of water damage on the floor - worryingly close to electrical equipment


We considered preserving the fa├žade of the building, but this would have substantially reduced the usable space of the plot and may have limited us to a single-storey building. We also discovered that the costs of renovation and preservation would far exceed those of a fresh new building, so we commissioned our architects to design a building suitable for a 21st century veterinary hospital.

As a local business serving the needs of the community we have been mindful of the concerns of local residents, which we address here. During its lifetime as a police station, there would have been use during unsocial hours and with sixteen parking spaces there would certainly have been traffic to and from the site. The station had kennel areas to house local stray dogs, as can be seen on the areas highlighted green on the floorplan:

The site has other local businesses nearby displaying a mix of architectural styles, and we feel our architects have successfully created a plan which balances the textures and colours of the surrounding area with an innovative design befitting of a forward-thinking veterinary practice which is committed to providing the highest standards of veterinary care.

Now that plans have been passed, we will endeavour to keep you updated with our progress and we hope to welcome you and your pets through our doors in the near future.