Flock Health Package


In this visit we would assess

a) rams:
  • testicles - any with abnormal or small testicles can be electro-ejaculated to check semen quality
  • teeth
  • body condition score
  • feet

b) ewes:
  • body condition score
  • lameness
  • trace element profiles can be undertaken (lab fees additional to package)

c) lambs:
  • growth rates/performance including review of lambing data to assess lamb losses aiding in identifying problems
  • worm egg counts (included in price of package) - used to determine the need for and efficacy of treatment; to monitor for resistance
  • trace element profiles (lab fees additional to package)

In this visit we would assess

  • ewes for body condition score, lameness and nutrition
  • blood samples for metabolic profiles can be taken at this time. This looks at the energy and protein status of the ewes and can be early indicators of twin lamb disease. Alterations can be implemented to the diet at this stge if found to be inadequate
  • review lambing time and vaccinations

In this visit we would assess

  • lambing data/numbers and lamb performance
  • worm egg counts (included in price of package)
  • ewe performance and body condition score
  • barren ewe check (lab fees subsidised by MSD) to check for toxoplasma and enzootic abortion


For further information please contact Anna Whitehead on 01772 746393 or print our Flock Health Package leaflet.