K-Laser Therapy

We are proud to be able to offer our patients the very latest technology for managing joint and soft tissue pain - a K-Laser for laser therapy. This laser reduces inflammation in joints and soft tissues which dramatically reduces pain. More important, though, is that the laser is "biostimulatory". This means that it actually aids in repairing the damaged tissues and therefore improves strength and provides greater mobility - with no side effects.

Treatments last from 2-8 minutes per site and require no anaesthesia. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only a soothing warmth around the inflamed tissue. Laser therapy for chronic conditions can require 5 or 6 treatments initially to improve your pet's comfort. Booster treatments are then required every 3-4 weeks to maintain the pain reduction and improved mobility.

Since we started offering this treatment we have been delighted with the results we have seen.

Case History

Frankie is a female 18 year old cat who is very people-orientated and usually loves to be fussed. Her owners noticed she had begun to experience severe twitching and 'skin crawling' across her back, and had begun to resent handling and grooming even to the point where she would turn to bite her owners.

Given Frankie's age and behaviour, pain from osteoarthritis was strongly suspected. A course of painkillers was prescribed, but she still displayed severe skin twitching.

Frankie's owners decided to try a course of laser therapy, which started with a course of 6 sessions over the first 3 weeks. Frankie's skin was still very reactive and initially she disliked the laser touching her tail base, although she tolerated the treatment well.

Following her first session, her owners saw a difference in her response to touch and were amazed at how much happier she appeared. As Frankie continued through the course she improved each time and before long her owners were able to brush her coat without a negative response from her. She received monthly booster sessions and loves the treatments; she gets out of her basket, purrs and wanders around the table, even giving the laser equipment a head rub of approval.

We are all delighted that Frankie's quality of life has improved so much and she is able to continue to enjoy the love and attention her owners have for her.

George is an 11 1/2 year Boxer German Shepherd cross dog and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old.

He first started to limp and show signs of joint stiffness in February 2013 and takes a glucosamine supplement and anti-inflammatory medication.

I heard about the K-Laser at an information evening arranged by Ribble Vets and was interested in trying it out (especially as I was offered a free trial). George had 3 free treatments and I paid for a further 3 to complete the recommended course and started to notice improvements after just 2 sessions.

I'm really pleased with the improvements to George's mobility and I'm sure he is too:

  • He's climbing the stairs with ease
  • He can get in and out of the car more easily
  • He hasn't limped since initial treatment was complete
  • He's more interested in going out for walks, walking further with ease and he's speeded up
  • He seems to have more energy and strength, and generally seems happier
  • He's more interested in playing 'fetch' with his ball and playing sessions are lasting longer

George is a big dog and is not designed for jumping but he's even started to jump, putting his front paws on the counter when we visit the vets and he hasn't done this for a few years. I'm currently trying to stop him from jumping up because I know it puts pressure on his joints.

I would certainly recommend the K-Laser as it's worked well for us and we plan to continue with monthly treatment to maintain his current level of mobility and quality of life for as long as possible.

Following an accident on the 14th December my little cat Madge was operated on by Ribble Vets to repair a dislocated kneecap.

This involved not only realigning her knee cap, but also cutting into bone to make a deeper groove. This was done so that the kneecap sits deeper in order to prevent it springing out again. This was a big operation for such a little animal.
She was given painkilling injections and oral pain relief, also K Laser treatment. The first session of this was administered as soon as she came round from the anaesthetic and has continued twice a week. Her last session was on the 3rd January.

The laser treatment is administered by a veterinary nurse who has specialised training in this field. It is gentle and painless, greatly aids healing, gives pain relief and also helps to prevent arthritic conditions developing.

I feel that this treatment has greatly helped Madge; she has not needed any conventional pain relief for the past 10 days and is running around as though her accident never happened. If she hadn’t had the treatment I am sure her recovery time would have been much longer.

Our only problem now is to discourage her from being too adventurous and to keep her indoors for a little longer!


When our Jack Russell, Bobby, was attacked by another dog, he suffered such terrible, extensive injuries that there seemed little hope that he would survive.

Just weeks later, after a short course of daily laser treatment and absolutely fantastic care from Ribble Vets, his wounds have completely healed in an incredibly short space of time.

We can't thank Ribble Vets enough for all they have done for Bobby!

My husband and I would like to say a big thank you for getting Jenny back on her feet. The K-Laser treatment that you suggested to us has really helped her. The last time the discs went in her back it took 6 weeks to get her walking again, but with the laser treatment she is up and walking after only 2 weeks. We are so pleased with her progress, so thanks again for the help you gave us.