The most difficult point for any owner comes when it is time to say goodbye to their beloved pet, and most owners will be faced with this decision at some point.

We are often asked when is the right time to make this decision. The main consideration should always be the quality of life of the pet, and whilst it can be difficult to balance this assessment with the owner’s desire to keep their beloved companion with them for as long as possible, the decision should be made before the pet begins to suffer. It is rare for pets to pass away in their sleep, and natural death can be quite a long and distressing process. Euthanasia is a quick and peaceful procedure, and is painless for the pet. It is performed by injecting an overdose of an anaesthetic drug, and the pet loses consciousness within seconds.

As pet owners ourselves, we fully understand how upsetting the loss of a pet can be. It is because of this that we endeavour to make this time as peaceful as we can. We are happy to accommodate most of our client’s wishes for their pet’s euthanasia. Some owners prefer to bring their pet into the surgery, and we can arrange an appointment to suit you within our daily consulting appointment times. Some owners prefer us to come to their homes. We can arrange for one of our veterinary surgeons to come out to you during normal opening hours, although there is an extra fee for a visit to your home.

Owners often ask if they are able to stay with their pets while they are euthanased. We are happy to accommodate your wishes at this upsetting time, and certainly if you wish to remain with your pet then you are welcome to do so. However, if you would rather not be present at the time then please be assured that our team of dedicated veterinary surgeons and nurses will ensure that every pet in our care is treated with kindness and respect.

Most owners prefer to have their pets cremated, and for this we use the services of Leyland Pet Crematorium. They provide a dignified and professional service, and offer a number of options for consideration – please see their website for full details.

If you have any questions about anything to do with euthanasia, please feel free to speak to us directly.