Surgical and Diagnostic Facilities

Surgical Facilities and Patient Care

Our fully-equipped operating theatre allows us to perform many different surgical procedures from routine neutering operations to orthopaedic procedures.

We have a heated operating table which helps to support the patient's body temperature, and our four anaesthetic machines use some of the most advanced anaesthetic agents available. To further ensure the safety of surgical procedures, a veterinary nurse closely monitors each animal under anaesthesia, regularly checking and recording their vital signs, and the nurse continues to monitor the patient during their recovery phase.

Our hygienic inpatient wards offer a range of accommodation suitable for the different animals we treat, from small mammals to giant breed dogs. We have a separate isolation ward allowing us to safely treat infectious cases. Our facilities for patients requiring critical care include infusion pumps for accurate intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen therapy tent, and Doppler ultrasound blood pressure monitoring system. We have also recently set up a blood donor register for dogs and cats, allowing us to quickly respond to cases requiring blood transfusions.

Diagnostic Imaging


We have recently updated our x-ray facilities to include a digital x-ray machine and processor, allowing us to take far more accurate radiographic images. Most pets require sedation or general anaesthesia to facilitate high quality, diagnostic images. These images are processed and viewable almost immediately, allowing swift interpretation.

The x-rays are stored with your pet's clinical history on our networked computer system, allowing easy viewing in any of our branches.


We have a modern ultrasound scanner that can be used for non-invasive investigation of a variety of conditions. Abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, stomach and intestines, and the urinary and reproductive tracts can be visualised, and it also provides a safe and reliable technique for pregnancy detection.

Most pets are able to undergo ultrasound investigation without the need for anaesthesia or sedatives, although we will need to clip the hair from around the area to be investigated.


We have two endoscopes available, allowing visual examination of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract. This is usually perfomed in conjunction with other investigative procedures, and whilst the pet is under anaesthesia.

Other Diagnostic Equipment


Our in-house laboratory has recently been upgraded to include the latest in diagnostic analysers. This allows a very quick result - often the same day. Tests available include:

  • Full blood chemistry, haematology and electrolytes
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood screening
  • T4 (thyroid) profiles
  •  ACTH tests
  • Snap tests for FeLV and FIV
  • Snap tests for Parvovirus
  • Ovulation tests ('Pre-mate tests')
  • In house microscopy
  • Urinalysis

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Machine

Use of our ECG machine enables us to measure the electrical activity of your pet's heart to ensure that it is working effectively and correctly. We may interpret the trace recordings produced during the procedure, and we may also refer the trace to an external veterinary cardiologist.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure, often seen in cats, can lead to serious complications. A Doppler ultrasound blood pressure monitoring system is used by our veterinary surgeons for in patients, and by appointment during consultations for ongoing monitoring.